Teaching is our joy and our passion and we are committed to the individual goalie through out all stages of their personal and athletic development, from beginner as far as their dreams and hard work can take them. 
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GGD High-end Goalies
We are proud to train goalies of both gender & all ages and abilities.
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"We are lucky to have a school like Grainger Goaltending here in town...the instructors are top notch...they are all very good with all the kids."  

Jim Sharpe, Huskies 2003 Coach/Goalie Dad.


"Out there, I just feel it is a friendly atmosphere, it gives me the most competitiveness I need, and the most push I can handle...every second I'm out there I just feel I am improving and it's always been a great experience for me."  

Jonah Capriotti, 7-year student of GGD, 1998 OHL Kitchener Jr. Rangers draft

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